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Alba Cabral is an award-winning Brazilian musician currently based in London where she performs, composes and collaborates with musicians and artists from around the world. Her background as a street performer in Sao Paulo is still a strong element in her professional and artistic practice. 


Alba's musical works are very much based on Afro-Brazilian music, Folk Brazilian Music & Dances, Body Music, Singing and lately she has been developing work with strings (guitar and ukulele) and thumb-piano, Kalimba. 


She has just completed a Master's Degree in Music Leadership at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and has been devising work with the Creative Learning Barbican in cross-arts collaboration and educational contexts in community centres, schools, institutes.


Alba is very passionate about her work as a performer and as a music educator, leading various music workshops for different group ages, from Early Years to elderly people, either on her own or in partnership with companies such as Live Music Now and Stretto Music.

Check her research trip to Israel and Palestine with the awards of Career Bursary Development Help Musicians UK.



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