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Current projects/bands that Alba has been performing with, playing and collaborating, in the UK and Brazil.




Let Drum Beat are a unique All Female band that use their vast set of Afro-Brazilian percussion to create energetic and paced rhythms, passing through vocal harmonies, singing in Portuguese and also using Tupi-Guarani words. They perform in various festival in the UK and London venues.



Pe-de-Jurema pays hommage to Brazilian Folk Music with energetic rootsy music and call'n'response songs. It has won the International Press Award in 2011 for representing and promoting Brazilian Culture abroad and has performed in the Wilton's Music Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank and the Somerset House.

Choro in Roda is a collective of musicians that plays Brazilian Instrumental Music such as choro, baião, maxixe, samba. Since 2012, it has been supported by Contemporanea Instrumentos Musicais at Tia Maria Restaurant & Music Bar in South London. The circle (roda) happens every two months.

Umpatacum is a 7 piece band formed by Adriano Adewale in 2010 for the City of London Festival and since then, has been playing in festivals around the UK with a mixture of Afro-Brazilian music and contemporary original music. Strong vocals and percussion lead the band that also has guitar, bass and cavaquinho.

Boi Marinho is a street music and dance artform directed by Helder Vasconcelos, inspired in the folk tradition of Cavalo Marinho from Pernambuco, the group has more than 15 years performing during the Carnival in Olinda and Recife. 

An inspirational live London band creating a unique and exciting party sound. Half of Tonzee is from Brazil; the band use as inspiration the country’s spirit for fun, uplifting grooves and experimentation. Moving seamlessly through genres from samba and reggae to rock and drum ‘n’ bass, TONZEE will make you shake it up!









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